Techflex over Paracord

Techflex over Paracord – a showcase side by side of different combinations of Techflex sleeving over Paracord sleeving (also know as double sleeving). Please note that final colors may be affected by different light exposure on the photo sessions, camera settings, monitor settings and so on. We try to showcase the real final color combinations as close as possible to the colors IRL.

Left to right: White on White, White on Zebra, White on Black, Green on Pulset, Beige on Fluo Pink, Blue on Neon Pink, Clear on Silver, Black on Black.
Carbon Techflex on Beige Cream and Carbon on Pulse InvertedNeon Blue on Neon Pink, Teal Blue on White and White on White.
Neon Blue on Saphire and Black on BlackWhite on Light Pink and White on Baby Blue
Blue on Neon Pink, Neon Yellow on Fluo Green, Carbon on Grey, Black on BlackOn the sides is Blue on Neon Pink and the middle one is Purple on Neon Pink (MT010119)
White on White, Carbon on Imperial Red, Dark Purple on Acid PurpleRed on Red, Black on Black, Grey on Grey, White on White
angled / straight TRRS custom cablesDetachable USB device side ends. Lemo, Lemo-Like, Aviator, Mini XLR connectors
Red Techflex on Black (MC00032)Teal Blue Techflex on Purple (MC00036)
Red Techflex on Red (MC00002)White Techflex on Red (MC00002)
Beyerdynamic DT 1770 / 1990 PRO Custom CableBeyerdynamic DT 177X Custom Cable
Audeze LCD-2 / LCD-2C Custom Cable with Grey sleeveSenheiser HD800 Custom Cable with Cream Beige sleeve
Grey Techflex on Grey (MC00017)Carbon Techflex on Grey (MC00017)
Dark Purple Techflex on Acid Puprle (MT010114) Dark Purple Techflex on Laser (MT014160)
Dark Purple Techflex on Acid Purple (MT010114)Black Techflex on Lavender (MT010181)
Carbon Techflex on Electric Blue (MT010762) Teal Blue Techflex on Purple (MC00036) 
8 Core Braided Gold & Clear Custom USB cable8 Core Braided Black & Gold Custom USB cable
Carbon Techflex on Grey (MC00017)Black Techflex on Black (MC00032)
Carbon Techflex on  Zebra (MT010597)White Techflex on  Zebra (MT010597)
Purple Techflex on Neon Pink (MT010119)Blue Techflex on Neon Pink (MT010119)
White Techflex on White (MC00030)Black Techflex on Black (MC00032)
White Techflex on Beige Cream (MC00225)Beige Cream (MC00225)
Snake Techflex on Beige Cream (MC00225)Beige Techflex on Beige Cream (MC00225)
Beige Techflex on Beige Cream (MC00225)Teal Blue Techflex on Pastel Turquoise (MT015646)
White Techflex on Silver (MC00016)White Techflex on White (MC00030)
Device side: Beige Techflex on Beige Cream (MC00225) and
Host Side: Beige Techflex on  Black (MC00032)
Device Side: Beige Techflex on Fluo Pink (MC00007) and
Host Side: Clear Techflex on White(MC00030)
White Techflex on Red (MC00002) Carbon Techflex on Orange (MC00008)
White Techflex on Fluo Pink (MC00007)Carbon Techflex on Fluo Green (MC00021)
Black Techflex on Yellow (MC00016)Black Techflex on Red (MC00002)
White Techflex on Purple (MC00036)Purple Techflex on Purple (MC00036)
Yellow Techflex on Golden Yellow (MC00050)Clear Techflex on Yellow (MC00038) 
Neon Blue Techflex on Pulse (MT010707) paracordDevice Side: Neon Yellow on Yellow Host Side: Neon Blue on Saphire
Carbon on Royal BlueGreen on Black
Neon Green on Fluo GreenNeon Pink on Neon Pink
Light Violet (MC00033)Lazurite (MC00133)

Neon Camo (MT010302)Razzmataz (MT010158)
Dark Knight (MC00074)Suit (MC00125)
Ikea paracord (MT014642)Cannibal paracord (MT010580)
MKBHD (MC00086)Cherry Chill (MT010363 )