Terms and Conditions (Updated: 24 August 2020)

Current Turnaround Time

Orders are opened for those who are not in a hurry and are willing to wait +2 months for the order to be build and shipped.
All material needed for all the current orders are in stock and I am working on catching up with all the them.
Everything is being built day by day and shipped.
Shipping worldwide with CTT Correios Portugal.
Shipping times in EU currently are 5-7 working days. Rest of the world is 3-5 weeks.
Thank you for the understanding and support! ❤️

Quality Control 🔍

We, at kriscables, are making custom cables since February 2018.
Opened the store on Etsy in April 2019, with 215 happy customers and 237 successful sales just there.
Every Cable is handmade with attention to every detail with the finest materials available resulting in high quality custom USB and Audio Cables. We test each cable extensively with various equipment to ensure optimal performance and USB industry standards before they are shipped.

Customer’s feedback ★★★★★

Cable Lengths and known Power Issues

All cables made by kriscables are 2.0. We don’t build cables with 3.0. Normally 3.0 motherboard’s USB ports are compatible with 2.0 connection, but please consult your motherboard manual for confirmation. For more information on 2.0 connection vs 3.0 connection click here.
We recommend the total length of the cable to be no more than 4.5 Meters (15feet). Note that 20cm coil + 1.5M straight is about 4M of straight cable length used in total. Anything longer than that falls out of USB spec and risks losing its transmission power, which could cause it to under-perform or fail. If your keyboard is power hungry (a lots of Leds/RGB for example) we recommend 3 Meters (10 feet) or less.
For high-power keyboards like HHKBs, Input Club’s K-Type, EM7, Massdrop’s CTRL/ALT, we recommend straight 1.5 Meter cable (5 feet) max length and NO coil at all. Detachable connectors like Lemo and Aviator can be used though. Anything longer than that falls out of USB spec and risks losing its transmission power, which could cause it to under-perform or fail.
Before ordering PLEASE read your keyboard/device manufacturers specifications and manuals.

Custom Cable Sizes and Lengths

Choosing 20cm coil + 1.5M Straight Cable Length means total length should be about ~1.7M.
Because this is handcrafted, please allow some centimeters of error margin in straight cable or coil lengths.

⌨  <-usb---▰▰-////////////-------------------------Type A-> 💻
⌨  <-usb--///////////-----▰▰-----------------------Type A-> 💻
Coil outer diameter is about 21mm. Cable thickness is about 5-7mm, depending if Double Sleeved with Techflex or not.

Cancellations, order changes

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. After the order there is no possibility of cancellation, due to custom and personalized character of the items, therefore please make sure 200% that what you order is what you actually want. The build starts same or next day after the order. Some minor changes might be possible after the order, just contact kriscables ASAP.

Returns, refunds and warranty

Returns and/or refunds are not possible due to custom and personalized character of the items. If there are any concerns or issues buyer have 14 days to contact kriscables at gmail.com to address that after receiving the item.
If it is asked by kriscables for the item to be returned – to be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging. Return shipping costs are the buyer’s responsibility. Shipping costs are non-refundable.
After receiving the item back and after inspection, kriscables will either repair or replace the item and ship it back to you.
All custom usb works have a 6-month warranty period.


Kriscables is shipped via CTT Portugal with Tracked Shipping to any point on the world that has a local Postal Office. All the prices are listed already with the shipping included.
After the build is completed and all the tests are performed successfully, we will email you the Tracking Info same day of shipment. Sometimes it goes to spam box, so you might want to check it from time to time. Sometimes the tracking info doesn’t update in time on CTT page, in this case we recommend to check same tracking number on the website of your local shipper.
The buyer is responsible to certify that someone will be at the delivery place to receive the items. If the package will return with the label “unclaimed” that means that no one were at buyer’s delivery address to receive the order and no one went to the local postal office to pick it up. In that case a second shipping price will apply for the order to be re-send to you. We will email you in that case to notify about that.
Delivery Time: Shipping takes to arrive normally about 2 working weeks anywhere in the world. In very rare cases, if the shipping is taking more than 30 days, please contact us ASAP in order to make a written claim at our postal office. An answer from them may take a while, but it certainly will help to find the package and continue the shipping to you. Please note that your local customs check also affects delivery time.
In some exceptional cases if the cable is needed to be sent back to us, the buyer is responsible for the proper packaging and shipping costs.
Customs and Taxes: kriscables.com is not responsible for any custom’s fees and taxes applied to your order. All fees and taxes imposed during or after shipping are the responsibility of the customer (tariffs, taxes, etc.).

Damage in Transit ⛐ ⛈

As a recipient, you are obliged to check the physical integrity of shipment upon acceptance of goods. In the event of any damage in transit please carry out the following: If there is a visible external damage (torn box, dents, water damage, etc.), please refuse to accept the goods. Transport damages are not processed by us, but by the relevant transport company. In case of subsequently discovered transport damages, please contact the respective transport company immediately.
DHL Express and UPS ask you to pay attention to the following three points:

  • In case of apparent damage in transit, please refuse to accept the goods with a reference to the occurred damage.
  • In case of a concealed damage (detect after acceptance of goods), bring the damaged goods, including the original packaging, to the local post office. Document the damage by a postal employee within 7 days. Generally, you have the option either to keep the goods or to send it back to us.
  • It is not possible to send goods damaged in transit directly to us since it would not be recognized by USPS as a damage in transit. Therefore, we would like to ask you, in your own interest, to adhere to the described procedure.

Fast Charge

Kriscables are also good for fast charging ↯ your smartphone. Tests have been made to Xiaomi 9T Pro, iPhone SE and iPhone 7. The results have been identical for each device, under the same conditions as you can see on the graphs. Recommended length is 1 Meter (no coil and no detachable connector).
Kriscables can QuickCharge, ONLY if you are using quick charge adapter and your device supports QC (this conditions are obligatory for any other cable that supports QC). That way, with kriscables, your device can be juiced up to about 1.9A at 9.6V, depending on the device and charging stage.
Using Cables longer than 1.5M and/or having a detachable connector as Aviator/Lemo will affect the charging speed.

▓▒░Sleeves (Paracord and Techflex)░▒▓

The sleeves section contains all the available paracord options/themes. The paracord we use is produced by THE American producer of paracord (GSA Compliant).
Original Paracord is a ”U.S. made” nylon cord that consists of a core of threads in a woven nylon jacket. The word ‘Paracord’ comes from its use by American paratroopers during the Second World War. After a parachute landing the cord would be cut from the parachute and used for all kinds of applications.

Techflex is used for Double Sleeving over the paracord for extra stiffness and durability. Gives the cable a more Premium look and shiny finish. Techflex is used in electronics, automotive, marine and industrial wire harnessing applications where cost efficiency and durability are critical. Braided from 10 mil polyethylene terepthalate (PET) monofilament yarns. The material has a wide operating temperature range, is resistant to chemical degradation, UV radiation, and abrasion.

▰▰ Aviator vs LEMO connectors ▰▰

WHY?! What for?! Aviators are metallic plugs that have 2 main purposes. It serves to quickly swap between different USB types, without having to unplug the whole cable from the back of your PC and without having multiple chunky cables of each USB type. Another reason is the aesthetics.
Our Aviators are silver color, just as they come from the fabric. Same applies to the LEMO connector. The only difference between two is just the look.
LEMO and Aviators don’t make you have less code bugs, don’t make you a better pro gamer, don’t make you type faster, don’t juice your device with more power (actually juice it less) etc.
LEMO connectors we use are authentic connectors from official Lemo distributor.
If you want same kind of connector but at a lower price, email us kriscables@gmail.com or message us about it on discord or instagram.

LEMO on the left and Aviators on the right

Extra USB ends

We use a proprietary pin out for Aviator and LEMO connectors. This means that detachable USB ends only work with kriscables connectors and cables. We don’t guarantee our detachable USB ends to work with cables from other cable makers.
<USB─//////─▰ : coil on Device/Keyboard side, result in:
⌨ <USB─//////–▰▰──────────Type A> 💻
<USB─▰─////// : coil on Host/PC side, result in:
⌨ <USB─▰▰─//////──────────Type A> 💻

When the coil is on device side, it will be as close as possible to the connectors by deafult (around 7cm between coil and connectors, see Cable Sizes and Lengths above)

⌨ <USB─▰ ⇄ ▰──────1.5M─────Type A> 💻

Extra customization

If you would like 15cm coil instead of 20cm, after selecting 20cm coil and adding it to the cart, at the checkout in the additional notes box write something like: “Make 15cm coil instead of selected 20cm”.

If you would like different color combinations for the device and host cable parts you can do for example:
⌨ <USB─//////─▰ ▰──────────Type A> 💻
…..└device side┘….└────host side────┘
from keyboard ⌨ to quick detach connector ▰ is the device part and from quick detach connector ▰ to PC 💻 is the host part. So in the same box at checkout you can mention for example: “Device side: Black techflex on MC00002 and Host side: White techflex on MC00038

Payments 💸

We accept Payments via PayPal, N26 Bank (German IBAN) and Revolut (UK IBAN).

Customer Support & Contacts 📞

Customer support is made mainly via email: kriscables at gmail dot com
Monday – Friday From 9:00 – 18:00 (Western European Standard Time).

© Kriscables. All rights reserved. The reproduction of any contents, without permission, is strictly prohibited.