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SuperMini nRF52840 Wireless Controller Development Board

SuperMini nRF52840
SuperMini NRF52840 kriscables
SuperMini NRF52840 Pinout Diagram kriscables
P1.01/02/07 GPIOs broken out onto their own pins, not compatible with those same three pins on the nice!nano
nice!nano v2 pinout kriscables
Nice!Nano V2 Pinout Diagram

SuperMini NRF52840 Size dimensions:

SuperMini NRF52840 size kriscables
Li-Po battery 301230 accommodated between controller sockets under nice!nano
nice!nano socketed with mill max pins
Socketed Nice!Nano with Mill Max Pins vs Non-Socketed
Supermini nRF52840 Battery Connection
Supermini nRF52840 Power Supply Charge 500 mAh Battery
How to compile ZMK Firmware and Flash Nice!Nano Controller
Compile ZMK Firmware + Flash the Controller

Source: Controller manufacturer