When making custom USB cables Techflex is intended to be sleeved over Paracord sleeve, which is sleeved over the actual cable.
Gives the cable a more premium look and shiny finish, besides increased durability.
When sleeved Techfelx will expand, therefore will sacrifice some of its length (check description below).

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For 1Meter of sleeved with paracord cable you’ll need 1.2M of Techflex,
For 2M -> you’ll need 2.4M of Techflex,
For 3M -> you’ll need 3.6M of Techflex,
For 4M -> you’ll need 4.8M of Techflex and so on.

• Paracord Sleeve
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1.3M / 51″, 1.4M / 55″, 1.5M / 59″, 1.8M / 71″, 2M / 79″, 2.3M / 91″, 2.5M / 98″, 2.7M / 106″, 3M / 118″, 3.3M / 130″, 3.6M / 142″

Techflex Sleeve

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