SuperMini NRF52840 Wireless Controller


SuperMini NRF52840 is a Nice!Nano Wireless alternative development board.
For a split keyboard please add 2 items to the cart.
If you plan to hotswap the controller you’ll need: Mill Max Socket Pins + Low Profile Controller Sockets.

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SuperMini NRF52840 is a Nice!Nano Wireless alternative development board made to turn your keyboard wireless using ZMK software.
Flashing nice!nano is as easy as a drag and drop.

⚠️ Recommended Soldering Iron Temperature when soldering is 240 Celsius (464 Fahrenheit).
Controllers are heat sensible and fragile components, please handle with care.

⚠️When soldering avoid using high iron temperatures or irons without temperature control, as you could damage the main nRF52840 chip. A temperature around 270°C-300°C should be hot enough. The higher the temperature, the more likely you are to damage the board.⚠️

If you plan a wireless build and to hotswap the controller on a split keyboard you’ll need:
2x Li-Po Battery and 2x Low Profile Controller Sockets and 2x Mill Max Socket Pins:





SuperMini nRF52840 Specs:

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Microcontroller nRF52840
  • ARM Cortex-M4F processor
  • Clocked at 64MHz
  • Flash Memory 1MB
  • RAM 256KB
  • Quiescent Current (power consumption at sleep mode 1mA)
  • Battery charging chip: supports lithium battery charging and discharging
  • dual-current Li-Po charging with a jumper that you solder with max of 300mA
  • software-controllable MOSFET on the VCC pin to cut standby current consumption of LEDs and other peripherals (in theory, i still need to test this)
  • nice!nano bootloader pre-flashed
  • Includes 2x 12 pin headers

Please read the documentation before usage.
Electrically and physically compatible with the standard Pro Micro.

📣 Can i use SuperMini wired with USB-C cable and TRRS, without any battery ?
Yes, you can. You can use a split keyboard with SuperMini wired, having a battery soldered to it or not. Works in both cases.
📣 How much does it take to charge the 110mah Rechargeable Li-Po Battery with SuperMini?
It takes about 2 hours to fully charge the 110mah Rechargeable Li-Po Battery.
Battery charging time ( hours ) = Battery capacity ( in Ah ) / Current supplied ( in A )
Li-Po Battery capacity: 110 mAh = 0.11 Ah
Current Supplied by nice!nano = 100 mA = 0.1 A
110 mAh Battery charging time = 1.1 Hours = 0.11 Ah / 0.1 A
📣 How much the 110mah Rechargeable Li-Po Battery using with SuperMini will last without having to recharge ?
Depends on many factors and variables, but on average, in my experience, master side lasts about 4-6 days using it around 8h/day without having to recharge (slave half lasts more time than master’s). Here is the ZMK Power Profiler. You can simulate and have an idea of the battery autonomy. The power consumption is comparable to Nice!Nano, tending to consume slightly more.
After 15 minutes of inactivity the keyboard goes into deep sleep mode, saving battery charge. The battery on slave side will last more time than on the master side, as it consumes less energy.
📣 Can i use my keyboard wired while it is charging the 110mah Rechargeable Li-Po Battery ?
Yes, you can.
📣 I have no idea how to code. Is there any easier way to change my keymap ?
There is an easier way to change your keymap.
ZMK Keymap Editor by nickcoutsos. You still need to have a general idea on how to work with terminal, github and some code. I haven’t tried it so can’t say much about it, but i have seen people using it so it works.

⚠️ Warning: you’ll need to understand how to use this hardware and it’s software to use it properly. You will need to know how to use a command line and which polarity of your battery goes to which pin on the controller. Failing these may result in fire/explosion and other damages. Please read the documentation on how to use this product.

Product on photography is illustrative and for demonstration purposes only.


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