Sofle RGB Build Service


Sofle RGB V2.1 Build Service

  • Pre-Assembled Sofle RGB V2.1 for the kits bought on
  • Current build turnaround please check the FAQ page


Sofle RGB V2.1 Build Service. How does it work ?
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1) This listing (required)
2) Sofle RGB DIY Kit (required)
3) 2x Pro Micro controllers or 2x Nice!Nano controllers (required)
4) Add any other optional components to the cart (OLED screens, Controller Hotswap Sockets, Mill Max Pins, Li-Po Batteries, switches, cables etc)

This listing is for soldering the next components on the Sofle RGB bought on

Please note that:

  • The build will come unassembled or partially assembled to decrease the risk of any damage during shipping
  • You will need to insert the switches into the plate, screw everything together and add the keycaps.
  • You will need to know some basic programming if you’ll want to adapt the keymap’s layout to your needs
  • Basic tweaking, re-adjusting, re-flashing the firmware, reflow soldering, reset the controller, mount the case etc still could be needed
  • (58 per-key + 14 underglow) SK6812 MINI RGB LEDs are not included in build service, if you’ll add them to order additional soldering fee will be applied

The Controllers will come flashed with:

Build photos are forย demonstration purpose ONLY.


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