Mill-Max 7305 Hot Swap Sockets


Mill Max sockets are for turning your exotic PCB or your regular keyboard into hot swappable keyboard, so you can try different switches any time you want.

You can choose 10 sockets (enough for 5 MX style switches) to try it out or for your crazy layout up to 65 switches by choosing 130 bundle option. Many boards support Mill Max sockets like DZ60, Anne Pro, Kyria etc
Please make sure your board supports them before ordering.

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Mill-Max sockets type 7305.
Turn your keyboard into a hot-swappable one by soldering the sockets into the PCB board.

Sockets will not work with Kailh Choc Low Profile switches, Kailh Pro Switches, and/or with any other switches that have different legs between each other.

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10 Sockets, 30 Sockets, 60 Sockets, 110 Sockets, 130 Sockets