Lily58 Pro DIY Hotswap Kit


Lily58 Pro Split Hotswap DIY Keyboard KIT.
58 key split hotswap ergonomic keyboard with OLED displays, supporting MX style and Kailh Choc low profile switches, RGB underglow LED strip. Created by kata0510.


Lily58 Pro is a 58 key split hotswap ergonomic keyboard with OLEDs displays, supporting RGB underglow LED strip and MX style and Choc Low Profile Switches.
It is 6×4 columnar stagger and 4 thumb cluster on each side.

This DIY Lily58 Pro kit comes with:

  • 2x Lily58 Pro PCB
  • 58x SMD Diodes
  • 58x Kailh Hotswap Sockets (for MX or Choc switches)
  • 2x TRRS jack
  • 2x Tactile Reset switch

Parts that don’t come in the kit, but are required for the DIY build:

that are optional, but recommended for the build:

Please note that Lily58 Pro PCBs:

  • Supports/required MX and/or Kailh Choc low profile hotswap sockets (not possible to solder the switches directly into PCB without the sockets)
  • Supports underglow LED Strip (handwired)
  • No dedicated footprint for the Rotary encoders
  • If you plan to use it with Kailh choc low profile switches, please select aluminum switch plate. Acrylic switch plate is too high for the choc switches so the 2 leg switch pins won’t reach properly the PCB. Any base will work though, so it can be aluminum or acrylic base for chocs.


Build photos are for demonstration purpose ONLY.

Additional information

PCB Color

Black, White

Hotswap Sockets

Choc low profile, MX


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