Lily58 Pro DIY Hotswap Kit


Lily58 Pro Split Hotswap DIY Keyboard KIT. Supports:


Lily58 Pro is a 58 key split hotswap ergonomic keyboard with OLEDs displays, supporting RGB underglow LED strip and MX style and Choc Low Profile Switches.
It is 6×4 columnar stagger and 4 thumb cluster on each side.

This DIY Lily58 Pro kit comes with:

Parts that don’t come in the kit, but are required for the DIY build:

that are optional, but recommended for the build:

Please note that Lily58 Pro PCBs:

  • Supportsย MX and Kailh Choc hotswap sockets (not possible to solder the switches directly into PCB without the sockets)
  • Supports underglow LED Strip (handwired)
  • No dedicated footprint for the Rotary encoders
  • You will need to know some basic programming if you’ll want to adapt the keymap’s layout to your needs
  • You will need some basic knowledge of soldering + soldering equipment


Build photos are for demonstration purpose only.

Lily58 Pro was created by @kata0510

Additional information

PCB Color

Black, White

Hotswap Sockets

Choc low profile, MX


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