Lily58 Pro DIY Hotswap Kit


Lily58 Pro Split Hotswap DIY Keyboard KIT
Check the description for more detailed info of what’s included in the kit.


Lily58 Pro is a 58 key split hotswap ergonomic keyboard supporting displays, RGB underglow LED strip, MX style and Choc Low Profile Switches.
It is 6×4 columnar stagger and 4 thumb cluster on each side.

Parts included in the kit:

Parts that aren’t included:

Please note:


Photos are for demonstration purpose only.

Additional information

PCB Color

Black, White

Hotswap Sockets

Choc low profile, MX

Controller & Connection

No Controllers, 2x Pro Micro USB-C (wired only), 2x SuperMini NRF52840 (BT wireless and wired), 2x Nice!Nano V2 (BT wireless and wired)

Include 2x Display Screen ?

No, Yes, 2x OLED Display Module, Yes, 2x nice!view


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