Lily58 Pro Acrylic High Profile Case


Lily58 Pro Acrylic High Profile Case

  • High quality precision cut acrylic plates
  • Shipped Worldwide
  • Switch plate with same height as the low profile case


Note: The Lily58 Pro Acrylic High Profile case supports only MX style switches and doesn’t support Kailh Choc Low profile switches.

Lily58 Pro Acrylic High Profile Case comes with:

  • 2x Six Layers of Acrylic Plates
  • 2x Acrylic Oled Cover Plates
  • Mounting hardware (20x 5mm Screws + 10x 12mm Standoffs)

Additional notes:

  • Case Halve Size(WxLxH): 160mm x 125mm x 20mm
  • The case is composed by 6 layers of acrylic: Top1, Top2, Switch Plate, Mid1, Mid2 and Base Plate.
  • You can use the case without the Top1 and Top2 plates using same screws that comes in this kit, but you’ll need 9mm standoffs length instead of the 12mm. You can add the extra 10x 9mm standoffs to the cart if you want to have this option.
  • You can add in the additional notes a request for a different specific layer color instead of the selected one. For example, you selected Acrylic Case Color: White and want the 2 layers on bottom to be Frosted for better RGB lightning effect. Just add in additional notes box: Mid2 and Base Plates Frosted instead of White.

Build Guides:

Build photos are for demonstration purpose ONLY.
On the last photo you can see side by side the high profile case vs low profile case out of aluminum base + switch plate and kailh choc low profile switches/keycaps.

Additional information

Acrylic Case Color

Clear, Frosted, Smoked, White

OLED Cover Plate

Clear 3mm Acrylic, Smoked 3mm Acrylic


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