Kailh Choc Low Profile 1U Blank Keycaps (ABS)


Kailh Choc Low Profile 1U Blank Keycaps (ABS)
Black/White options are out of stock and won’t be re-stocked. Please consider Choc PBT/PC Keycaps instead.
Comes in a pack of 10 keycaps.


Kailh Choc Low Profile 1U Blank Keycaps only supports Kailh Low Profile Switches.

The white version is more ivory-colored.

White/Black 1U W:17.7mm H:16.7mm
Clear 1U W:17.5mm H:18mm

This keycaps are compatible with the Choc switches, but they have different dimensions.
Clear, Black and White caps work if the keyboard has a grid-space of 19mm and 19.05mm (most common).

⚠️clear keycaps will not fit on some keyboards which are specially designed for Choc switches (also called choc spaced boards) because they do have a smaller grid-space.
Clear keycaps won’t fit the Chocofi, nor the Cantor etc since they are “choc spaced” keyboards.

This listing is ONLY for Choc Low Profile Keycaps. Keyboards and other products on photos are for demonstration purposes only.

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Clear, Black, White


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