GMK Darling Theme


Pre-configured specs:
[USB] to Type A, White Techflex on MC00002 sleeve, [Straight cable length], [Color] USB ends
⌨ <-USB—————–———Type A-> 💻

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This custom cable theme is a collaboration with Xerpocalypse for GMK Darling keyset. Render by Janglad. Group Buy on Geekhack.

If you want different specs of this theme click me and choose
Techflex Color: White
USB color end: White
along with other desired specs.

If you would like same MC00002 sleeve, but different specs put the code in search bar or go to sleeves section and build your own custom USB cable.

Additional information

USB Connector (Device-Host)

Type C to Type A, Mini B to Type A, Micro to Type A

Straight Cable Length

20cm / 8", 30cm / 12", 40cm / 16", 50cm / 20", 60cm / 24", 70cm / 27", 80cm / 31", 90cm / 35", 1M / 39", 1.2M / 47", 1.3M / 51", 1.4M / 55", 1.5M / 59"

USB color ends

Black, White, Blue, Yellow, Clear