Ferris Sweep MX DIY Keyboard KIT


Ferris Sweep Bling MX 2.x version – 34 keys split keyboard DIY KIT
Check the description for more detailed info of what’s included in the kit.

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Ferris Sweep Bling MX 2.x version – 34 keys split keyboard DIY KIT

Parts included in the kit:

Parts that aren’t included:

Additional notes:

  • PCB Supports only MX style switches and kailh MX hotswap sockets (not possible to solder the switches directly into PCB)
  • Split keyboard with 3 rows, 5 columns and 2 thumbs per half
  • Reset switch is not included since you can short with tweezers 2x the RST (reset) and GND (ground) pins on the controller itself or define in the firmware a shortcut to enter bootloader mode to flash the controllers
  • You will need to know some basic programming if you’ll want to adapt the keymap’s layout to your needs
  • You will need some basic knowledge of soldering + soldering equipment
  • No dedicated footprint for Oled screen, RGB leds, nor rotary encoders
  • Pro Micro only support QMK firmware and SuperMini only ZMK firmware



Photos are for demonstration purpose ONLY, please read the full kit description.

Ferris Sweep was created by @davidphilipbarr and it’s contributors

Additional information

Controller & Connection

2x Pro Micro USB-C (wired only), 2x SuperMini NRF52840 (BT wireless and wired)


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