Engineer SS-02 Solder Sucker


A Professional Solder Sucker / Desoldering Pump made in Japan

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Replacement silicone nozzle tubing available separately here: Replacement Silicone Nozzles for SS-20 Solder Sucker

– Compact durable aluminium body
– Heat resistant Silicone nozzle – superior to Teflon or metal nozzles
– Designed for easy one-hand usage with both plunger and release button in easy reach
High power suction combined with the effective Silicone nozzle means less residue is left behind
self-cleaning shaft allows high productivity of continual work without clogging
– Comes with 1 piece of 50 mm spare silicone tube (free-cut type)
– Withstand direct contact with soldering iron tip (max. 350โ„ƒ)

Cleaning and Maintenance

For cleaning, unscrew the body while holding the nozzle unit. (Do not try to remove the plunger unit.)
1) It is occasionally necessary to wipe off solder residue and stain around the screw threads/spring with a cotton applicator or a cloth.
2) After the cleaning is finished, apply silicone grease to the screw threads and the inside of cylinder with a cotton tip.
3) It is useful to keep the cylinder airtight and have the O-ring packing slide smoothly.

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