Corne Cherry V3 Hotswap Split Ergo Keyboard DIY KIT


Corne Cherry V3 42-key Hotswap Split Ergo Keyboard DIY KIT. PCB Supports:

Acrylic Colors Comparison


This Corne Cherry V3 Hotswap Split Ergo Keyboard diy kit comes with:

Parts that don’t come in the kit, but are required for the DIY build:

that are optional, but recommended for the build:

Additional notes:

  • PCB Supports only MX style switches and MX hotswap sockets (not possible to solder the switches directly into PCB)
  • Split keyboard with 3 rows, 6 columns and 3 thumbs per half
  • Supports VIA if you want to change your layout without the need to know how to code and flashing each time the controllers (requires to flash on first time the VIA keymap)
  • You will need to know some basic programming if you’ll want to use some advanced features adapt the keymap’s layout to your needs
  • You will need some basic knowledge of soldering + soldering equipment
  • You’ll need H1.3 and H1.5 Hex Tool for M2 size screws.
  • PCBs are not reversible



Photos are for demonstration purpose ONLY, please read the full kit description.

Corne was created by Kosuke Adachi (a.k.a. foostan).


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