Choc PBT Keycaps for Low Profile Choc Switch


Choc PBT Keycaps for Low Profile Choc Switch
Price per 1 keycap. For Lily58 Pro add 58 to cart.

All keycaps work perfectly on choc spaced boards. Pictured the Black and Frosted options side by side on Chocofi

Black, White and Frosted in stock and ready to ship.
In Pre-order: Smoked 1U, Black/White 1U Homing keys and 1.5U – will arrive somewhere in Feb2023


Choc PBT Keycaps for Kailh Low Profile Switches

Note: This keycap set only supports Kailh Low Profile Switches.

Size: 16.50mm x 16.50mm x 3.70mm
Material Black & White: PBT
Smoked & Frosted: PC

Personal opinion: Simply the best option for kailh-choc compatible keycaps right now. Pleasant to touch sculpting, comfortable profile, quality PBT plastic, perfect fit on switches – not too tight, not too loose, perfect fit for choc spaced keyboards as Chocofi and Cantor. Highly recommended.

This listing is ONLY for Choc PBT Keycaps. Keyboard and other products on photos are for demonstration purposes only.

Additional information


1u Black, 1u White, 1u Frosted, 1u Smoked, 1u Black Homing, 1u White Homing, 1.5u Black, 1.5u White


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