CANARE L-4E5C Cable for Custom Audio DIY Cables


CANARE L-4E5C – one of the most popular and reliable cables used in DIY custom audio cables scene.


Mogami W2893 Miniature Quad Microphone Cable :
Conductor Details:
30/0.08mm (0.15mm²)
Conductor Size:
 0.15mm² (#26 AWG)
Jacket Ov. Dia.: 4.8Ø (0.189″)
Insulation: Irradiated polyethylene, two blue, two white
Capacitance: 160pF/m
Screen: Tinned copper braid, 95% coverage

More detailed info.

Possible examples of DIY Audio Cables made with CANARE L-4E5C :
– Audeze LCD-2 / LCD-2C
– 3.5 TRS Jack to AMP/DAC
– Senheiser HD800 
– Beyerdynamic DT 177X

In order to be sleeved with Paracord 550 it is needed to be stripped down the outer rubberized PVC jacket.
In order for the cable to be sleeved with paracord and be more flexible and less heavy – i recommend to take out the shielding, which also helps to fit into this minimal TRS connectors.

Additional information

Straight Cable Length

1M / 39", 1.2M / 47", 1.3M / 51", 1.4M / 55", 1.5M / 59", 1.8M / 71″, 2M / 79″


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