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Nice!Nano FAQ

Nice!Nano FAQ

πŸ“£ What solder iron temperature should i use to solder Nice!Nano ?
Avoid using non-regulated temperature irons, otherwise you risk to damage the controller or reduce it’s working life.
Recommended Soldering Iron Temperature when soldering is 240 Celsius (464 Fahrenheit).
Controllers are heat sensible and fragile components, please handle with care.
⚠️When soldering the nice!nano, avoid using high iron temperatures, as you could damage the main nRF52840 chip. A temperature around 270°C-300°C should be hot enough. The higher the temperature, the more likely you are to damage the board.⚠️

πŸ“£ Will Nice!Nano work with Rechargeable Li-Po Battery ?
Yes, it will work. The 110mah is perfect as it can stay underneath the controller using controller sockets and mill max pins making a clean and minimal look.

πŸ“£ How do i solder 110mah Rechargeable Li-Po Battery to the Nice!Nano ?
On nice!nano there are 2 pins: B+ and B-
On the battery there are 2 wires coming out: Red wire (3.7v) and Black wire (GND).
Red Wire should be soldered to B+ pin on nice!nano and Black Wire should be soldered on B- on nice!nano.

πŸ“£ How much the 110mah Rechargeable Li-Po Battery using with Nice!Nano will last without having to recharge ?
Depends on many factors and variables, but on average, in my experience, it lasts about 5-7 days using it around 8h/day without having to recharge. Here is the ZMK power profiler. You can simulate and have an idea of the battery autonomy. The battery on slave side will last more time than on the master side, as it consumes less charge.

πŸ“£ Can i use my keyboard wired while it is charging the 110mah Rechargeable Li-Po Battery ?
Yes, you can.

πŸ“£ How much does it take to charge the 110mah Rechargeable Li-Po Battery with Nice!Nano ?
It takes about 2-3 hours to fully charge the 110mah Rechargeable Li-Po Battery.

πŸ“£ Can i use the master half (left half) wired and the right wireless (having a battery connected to the (slave) right nice!nano), avoiding this way to have an TRRS cable in the middle ?
Yes, you can have and use it that way. The slave half connects to the master half wirelessly and OS sees it as one wired keyboard. This was tested and works flawlessly.

πŸ“£ Can i use Nice!Nano wired with USB-C cable and TRRS, without any battery ?
Yes, you can. You can use a split keyboard with nice!nano wired, having a battery soldered to nice!nano or not. Works in both cases.

πŸ“£ How to compile my ZMK Firmware and Flash Nice!Nano Controllers ?
Here is a step by step guide on how to compile zmk firmware and flash nice!nano.

πŸ“£ My keyboard with Nice!Nano does appear in the BT list to be connected to my host, but the connection is not successful or it just doesn’t connect.
Try to clear the BT Profiles on the keyboard. More info about this here

πŸ“£ When using wirelessly my keyboard (with Nice!Nanos) slave half doesn’t connect to the master half. What should i do ?
First suggestion is to press reset button on both keyboard halves (press and release one time only) at the same time.
If that didn’t worked, then try this: Build Reset UF2

πŸ“£ My split keyboard doesn’t have turn on/off power footprint on the PCB. How do i integrate one ?
Lily58 Pro, Sofle, Chocofi, Corne and Cantor PCBs sold on are original designs, which were not designed with an integrated footprint for a turn on/off power switch. In this case you can rely on ZMK firmware deep sleep where battery drain is very slow after 15mins of idle, so you can consider it as an automatic turn on/off by software.
Additionally you can handwire a physical on/off switch if you want to completely cut the power source from the battery to the keyboard.

πŸ“£ I still have some doubts. Where can i get more info on ZMK and Nice!Nano ?

Nice!Nano V2 Pinout