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How to add Lily58 RGB underglow backlighting

Lily58 RGB underglow backlighting

How to add Lily58 RGB underglow backlighting

You will need:

  • Some wire (i recommend to use 3 colors: Black for GND, Red for VCC and any other color for LED pin.
  • 5V RGB led strip (i used 2x strips with 4 leds on each)

1) In folder qmk_firmware\keyboards\lily58\keymaps\default in the file config.h file add this code lines:

#define RGBLED_NUM 8
#define RGBLED_SPLIT { 4, 4 }

#define RGBLED_NUM 8

  • number of total leds on the keyboard

#define RGBLED_SPLIT { 4, 4 }

  • First value indicates number of LEDs for left half, second value is for the right half

2) In the file add this line:

RGBLIGHT_ENABLE = yes       # Enable WS2812 RGB underlight.

3) Add the RGB keycodes in your keymap wherever you wish:

RGB_MODToggle RGB lighting on or off
RGB_MODE_FORWARDRGB_RMODCycle through modes, reverse direction when Shift is held
default Lily58 keymap.c file

4) Solder the wires to the appropriate PCB pins and to the LED strip pins:

You can solder the VCC and GND wires anywhere on the strip, but the LED wire has to be before the first LED on the strip.

5) Compile and flash the controllers. Done ๐ŸŽ‰

qmk flash -kb lily58 -km default
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