FAQ – Custom Cables

Custom Cable Sizes and Lengths

Choosing 20cm coil + 1.5M Straight Cable Length means total length should be about ~1.7M.
Because this is handcrafted, please allow some centimeters of error margin in straight cable or coil lengths.

Extra USB ends

We use a proprietary pin out for Aviator and LEMO connectors. This means that detachable USB ends only work with kriscables connectors and cables. We don’t guarantee our detachable USB ends to work with cables from other cable makers. By connecting detachable ends from 2 different custom cable makers you risk to have a short and damage your device⚠️. Please, do not do that or proceed on your own risk.

When the coil is on device side, between coil and connectors there will be by default around 7cm of cable length.
⌨<USB─▰─////// : coil on Host/PC side
⌨<USB─//////─▰ : coil on Device/Keyboard side


Type-C housing has 12mm (0.47″) width and 6mm (0.24″) depth.
Mini -B housing has 10mm (0.39″) width and 7mm (0.28″) depth.
Coil outer diameter is about 21mm. Cable thickness is about 5-7mm, depending if Double Sleeved with Techflex or not.

What USB type do i need for my keyboard/device ?

Your device/keyboard should be one of this 3 USB types: Type-C, Mini USB or Micro USB. Type A should go into your PC, USB hub or charger brick.

More info on USB connectors: CLICK ME

What are Lemo and Aviator detachable connectors ?

Aviators and Lemo detachable connectors are metallic plugs that have 2 main purposes:
1) Quickly swap between different USB types, without having to unplug the whole cable from the back of your PC and without having multiple chunky cables of each USB type.
2) Another reason is the aesthetics. It just looks cool.

Illustration by Awi

Our Aviators and Lemo connectors are silver color, just as they come from the fabric. The only difference between two is just the physical look.
LEMO® connectors we use are authentic connectors from official Lemo distributor, unless it is stated otherwise.
We have very limited quantity of fabric painted Black Lemo-Like connectors in one specific listing: (click me).
Also we do have Black and Silver Mini XLR as a quick detachable option: (click me).

Lemo VS Aviator detachable connectorsAviator vs Lemo vs Mini XLR vs YC8 detachable connectors
Silver LEMO and Aviators on the left. Black / Silver Mini XLR and Black Lemo-Like on the right.

What Quick Detachable connectors do you do ?

We do custom cables with:
• Silver Aviators GX12 (1st from left)
• Silver Authentic 0B Lemo®(3rd)
• Black/Silver Lemo-Like (4th and 5th)
• Black/Silver Mini XLR (6th and 7th)

Custom cables with Aviators and Lemo® can be purchased in the Customize Your Own USB Cable section.
We don’t do custom cables with YC8 (2nd) connector.

What are Paracord and Techflex sleeves ?

The Customize your own cable section contains all the available paracord colors and patterns. The paracord we use is produced by THE American producer of paracord (GSA Compliant).
Original Paracord is a ”U.S. made” nylon cord that consists of a core of threads in a woven nylon jacket. The word ‘Paracord’ comes from its use by American paratroopers during the Second World War. After a parachute landing the cord would be cut from the parachute and used for all kinds of applications.

Techflex is used for Double Sleeving over the paracord for extra stiffness and durability. Gives the cable a more Premium look and shiny finish. Techflex is used in electronics, automotive, marine and industrial wire harnessing applications where cost efficiency and durability are critical. Braided from 10 mil polyethylene terepthalate (PET) monofilament yarns. The material has a wide operating temperature range, is resistant to chemical degradation, UV radiation, and abrasion.

Techflex Colors available. Note that all colors are sleeved over white cable on the photo and depending on the room light, monitor settings and many other factors the final color may vary.

What’s the difference between only Paracord vs Techflex over Paracord ?

On the left side the cable is sleeved with only Black Paracord. On the right side sleeved with Black Techflex over Black Paracord.

How Techflex over Paracord affects the final cable color ?

Techflex makes the final color the dominant color. You can see many examples in the Pre-Configured section and Techflex & Paracord.
Would like to see a sample of some Techflex over Paracord combinations? Send me a message over discord: Discord

From Left to Right: White Techflex on White Paracord, White on Zebra, White on Black, Green on Pulset, Beige on Fluo Pink, Blue on Neon Pink, Clear on Silver, Black on Black.

What is the difference between 10cm and 20 cm coil ?

Left Photo by @jyojoh

How about with the coil on Host Side ?

Left photo by my friend @lolpes Right photo by @dannydmedved

How does it look without coil ?

Left photo by @prkns Photo by kriscables

What is USB color ends ?

It is the Heatshrink color. Available colors are: Black, White, Blue, Yellow, Clear (transparent). The Heatshrink used contains glue, which makes the covering of the connectors stronger, it might be visible in some spots though.

Is it possible to customize my cable even more ?

15cm coil ? Yes. Select 20cm coil and coil side. Add in the special notes box for example: “Make 15cm coil instead of selected 20cm”.

By default the coil goes from Left ➨ Right. By default the usb connector cable comes up from the coil ⦿̄ ̄ ̄ ̄

If you have the keyboard usb port in the middle or on the right and would like the coil to go from Right ➨ Left
let me know please explicitly in the special notes box.

If you would like for the usb connector cable to come from the down side of coil to the keyboard usb port like this ⦿̲͟͟͟ˍˍ
let me know please explicitly in the special notes box.

Are your cables any good for charging and fast charging my smartphone?

Kriscables are also good for fast charging ↯ your smartphone. Tests have been made to Xiaomi 9T Pro, iPhone SE and iPhone 7. The results have been identical for each device, under the same conditions as you can see on the graphs. Recommended length is 1 Meter (no coil and no detachable connector).
Kriscables can QuickCharge, ONLY if you are using quick charge adapter and your device supports QC (this conditions are obligatory for any other cable that supports QC). That way, with kriscables, your device can be juiced up to about 1.9A at 9.6V, depending on the device and charging stage.
Using Cables longer than 1.5M and/or having a detachable connector as Aviator/Lemo will affect the charging speed.

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