Corne Choc

Corne Choc – 42-keys split keyboard 6×3 columnar stagger and 3 thumb cluster, compatible with Choc low profile switches and Choc hotswap sockets. Supports Oled Screens, Wireless connection via BT with Nice!Nano, RGB LED Underglow and per-key RGB LEDs. Corne Choc was created by Kosuke Adachi (a.k.a. foostan). Soldering & Build difficulty: ★★★★★

• Corne Build Service (required)
• Corne Kit (required)
• 2x Controllers
• 2x Controller Hotswap Sockets
• 2x Mill Max Pins
• 2x OLED Screens
• 2x Oled Hotswap Sockets
• 5x Choc Switches
• 5x Choc Keycaps
• TRRS Cable
• USB-C Cable
↑  To receive a Pre-Assembled Corne Choc (wired) add to cart above list.
For a Wireless build substitute 2x Pro Micro with 2x Nice!Nano + 2x Li-Po Batteries ↑