Chocofi – 36 key split keyboard, 5×3 columnar stagger and 3 thumb cluster, compatible only with Kailh Choc hotswap sockets. Chocofi was created by @pashutk. License. Soldering & Build difficulty: ★★★☆☆

📣 Does Chocofi have a power On/Off Switch ?
No, it doesn’t have on/off switch.
The ZMK + Nice!Nano relies on deep sleep mode after 15mins of inactivity, saving efficiently battery charge. The power draw on nice!nano v2 during deep sleep is around 20uA, which is about 1mAh every 2 days. So you can consider that as an automatic power on/off.
More on power management here: ZMK Docs
📣 How much the 110mah Rechargeable Li-Po Battery using with Nice!Nano will last without having to recharge ?
Depends on many factors and variables, but on average, in my experience, it lasts about 5-7 days using it around 8h/day without having to recharge. Here is the ZMK power profiler. You can simulate and have an idea of the battery autonomy.
After 15 minutes of inactivity the keyboard goes into deep sleep mode, saving efficiently battery charge. The power draw on nice!nano v2 during deep sleep is around 20uA, which is about 1mAh every 2 days. The battery on slave side will last more time than on the master side, as it consumes less energy.
📣 Can i use my keyboard wired while it is charging the 110mah Rechargeable Li-Po Battery ?
Yes, you can.
📣 How much does it take to charge the 110mah Rechargeable Li-Po Battery with Nice!Nano ?
It takes about 2 hours to fully charge the 110mah Rechargeable Li-Po Battery.

Battery charging time ( hours ) = Battery capacity ( in Ah ) / Current supplied ( in A )
Li-Po Battery capacity: 110 mAh = 0.11 Ah
Current Supplied by nice!nano = 100 mA = 0.1 A
110 mAh Battery charging time = 1.1 Hours = 0.11 Ah / 0.1 A

📣 What are the QMK/ZMK keymaps do you pre-flash on the controllers by default before shipping ?
• Pro Micro come with QMK default keymap

• Nice!Nano come with ZMK default keymap

You can fork these keymaps, change the keymap to your needs and flash the controllers anytime.

📣 How to compile my QMK/ZMK Firmware layout and flash my Pro Micro/Nice!Nano Controllers ?
📣 What is the difference between Pro Micro Controller and Nice!Nano Controller ?
Pro Micro is cheaper, works only wired and supports QMK Firmware.

Nice!Nano works wired and/or wirelessly. Requires 3.7v Li-Po battery for wireless mode. Supports ZMK Firmware.

📣 I have no idea how to code. Is there any easier way to change my keymap ?
There is an easier way, without the need to code, to change your keymap.
If you use:
Pro Micro: VIA
You need to flash your controllers with the via keymap first time for it to be recognized on VIA. This is needed to be done only once. After that you can change your layout on the go, without the need to flash your Pro Micro again. The downside is you can’t use some more advanced features of QMK

Nice!Nano: ZMK Keymap Editor by nickcoutsos
I haven’t tried it so can’t say much about it, but i have seen people using it so it works.